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Handley Page H.P.19 Hanley

Three prototypes. No production.

 ENGINE1 x 450hp Napier Lion IIB
  Take-off weight2926 kg6451 lb
  Wingspan14.02 m46 ft 0 in
  Length10.16 m33 ft 4 in
  Wing area52.21 m2561.98 sq ft
  Max. speed187 km/h116 mph
 ARMAMENTone torpedo

Barry, 25.10.2016 12:20

Built to Air Ministry specification 3 /20 for an FAA replacement torpedo bomber for the Sopwith Cuckoo there was only three Hanleys built. The first (Mk I) showed poor low speed handling and cockpit sight qualities. The Mk II showed some improvement but not enough and by the time the Mk III flew which had made the required improvements the competing Blackburn Dart had been ordered into service.


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