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Handley Page H.P.67 Hastings

The Hastings was a general-purpose long-range transport flown by the RAF and RNZAF. Its roles included those of freighter, paratroop-transport, ambulance, troop-carrier, supply-dropper, jeep-carrier and glider-tug.

The initial production version was the C.1, first flown on 25 April 1947 and powered by four Bristol Hercules 101 engines. All C.1s were subsequently modified to Mk 2 standard and redesignated C.1As. The C.2 was powered by four Hercules 106 engines, had the tailplane lowered to the centreline of the fuselage and increased in area, extra fuel tanks, and the crew rest station replaced by an air-quartermaster post. The Hercules 737-powered C.3 was similar to the Mk 2 - and four were supplied to the RNZAF. The final version was the C.4, a VIP version of the Mk 2 with accommodation for four VIPs and staff. Four were delivered to RAF Transport Command, bringing the total number of Hastings operated by the RAF up to 147. The last Hastings were withdrawn from service in 1968.

 MODELHastings C.Mk 2
 ENGINE4 x Bristol Hercules 106, 1249kW
    Take-off weight36280 kg79984 lb
    Empty weight21960 kg48414 lb
    Wingspan34.44 m113 ft 0 in
    Length25.20 m83 ft 8 in
    Height6.86 m23 ft 6 in
    Wing area130.80 m21407.92 sq ft
    Max. speed560 km/h348 mph
    Cruise speed486 km/h302 mph
    Ceiling8075 m26500 ft
    Range2720 km1690 miles

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Keith Andrew, 03.11.2017

I was with 103 M.U.at RAF Akrotiri in 1966, when two Hastings broke up in mid-air, over the U.K.,both with a full compliment of paras.
It was established that dis-similar metal corrosion caused rivets to fail in the rear of the fuselage allowing the tailplane to rotate causing uncotrollable handling problems. We spent several weeks uncrating spare rudders & elevators for some the riggers to check, while others checked 70? squadron's aircraft and replaced thousands of rivets

John Falkenstein, 27.04.2017

I flew in a Hastings from Honolulu to Christmas Island in 1961 to replace the crew on a yacht that had been stranded there. The cargo consisted of a large freezer full of food for the contingent of British military stationed there. I still remember that the weather was beautiful on the flight and the pilot let me ride in the co-pilots seat. I wss 22 at the time. Nice memories.

Sarah Hall, 16.10.2016

My father flew in Hastings during his national service. He was flight engineer on the TG613 when they lost three engines and had to ditch in the Mediterranean in 1953. He would love to know whether any of the other crew are still alive - if anyone has any info., that would be wonderful. Many thanks.

Colin McKeeman, 11.10.2016

I recall monitoring the 'Bismuth' met flights on HF out of Aldergrove back in 1964, radio call-signs MPCFB and MPCFW. Does anyone have a list of the assigned codes to the Met.1 Hastings based in Northern Ireland with 202 Sqdn?

Craig pell, 24.05.2016

2nd update Kings own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Craig pell, 24.05.2016

Update he was in the coyli regiment

Craig pell, 24.05.2016

My mother flew to Cyprus in 1956 in a Hastings she was in the wrac and met my father over there he was in the Yorkshire Royal my mam can't remember the rest of the regiment

Tony Hickman, 02.02.2016

I was repatriated to the u/k for de-mob on a Hastings transport plane. Took off from RAF Fayid on the morning of 21-8-52 along with married families and service personnel.The flight was uneventful till Malta where we landed for re-fueling and a service break.Took off from RAF Valletta and cruised at 8000ft. the Med looked quite calm at that height and ships looked like matchsticks.The flight continued for some time and i was seated with my mate on the starboard side of the plane just on the T/E of the wing,when we noticed that the outer engine had been feathered ,(not to many worries at this point).The flight continued for another 3/4 of an hour when the starboard inner engine was feathered.At this point we began to have grave concerns.Other passengers wern,t aware as to what was happening.When i looked down at the Med,the ships had now become large yachts The flight engineer emerged from the cockpit to say we have a problem!!!He asked us to don the "May Wests"that were provided and keep as still as possible.It was comforting to know that the French air sea rescue were circling around.He requested for 2 volunteers to stack all the cases and bags of personel that was stored in the cargo netting at the open door of the plane,ready to ditch and lighten the load.As the hastings flew alongside the French coast we seemed to be level with the cliffs.the engineer said that we had,nt enough height to land at Marseilles,and would head for a war time landing strip at Estries.The pilot banked the plane in,and throttled back the other two engines.With The flaps and U/C down we waited as the Hastings covered the last 1/2 mile to the landing strip.That was the best touch down of my life.The pilot emerged from the cockpit his K.Ds.covered in sweat.After all passengers disembarked he asked if there were any engine mechs amongst us,Four of the lads responded and were asked to look into the problem as the pilot,a squadron leader,said that warning lights in cockpit meant the engines were overheating.The engine mechs reported that the oil had been contaminated,thus causing the problem.A wing and a prayer or what!!!

Tony Hickman, 02.02.2016


Alan Curryer, 02.02.2016

Worked on the Hastings of 70sqdn.in Cyprus flew in them to various places during 56-57

A.Hickman, 20.01.2016


Alan Croft, 19.11.2015

As ground crew I flew(mainly from Cyprus) to Bahrain via Aden (stop overnight)Cyprus to Nairobi and Cyprus to UK via Malta(again stop overnight in Malta. 8 hour hauls very bumpy

David A Palmer, 09.11.2015

Great reading all these comments. I was engine fitter on Hastings May 1970 until July 1973.(also qualified as airframe - airtech as did RR Apprenticeship before RAF, bone of contention there, never got my JT as promised!). I was qualified PPL before I arrived there and flew lots of P2 and some PUT on most of the Squadrons aircraft, Cmk1 (TG536 & TG568) and on the T5's 503, 505, 511, 517, all over Europe, Norway, Germany, Gib, Malta Cyprus + Goose Bay, Rekyavik etc.. Bob Bowman, I am sure we knew each other at Lindholme/Scampton??? I used to fly a lot with Flt/Lt Mick Dobson and other pilots who helped me with 4 Engine training and with navigation. Dropping theoretical Nukes on Queens Mums was our bit of fun as we flew Edinburgh way en route to Bodo etc... The stories I have from those days. like in Gib (nearly getting arrested with the Station CO, GC Phillips, for peeing off the wall into the sea, until they saw his 1250!! lol), or me the only cheque book holder cashing cheques at the Hilton in Sliema to keep the whole crew in Cash?? OMG was I broke when we got home!)... So many, and such good pals on 1066, and that move to Scampton, remember it so well... Happy Days..

Clive P. Willoughby, 23.08.2015

I found a watercolour/painting by J.K.Fletcher of a Hastings, TG 615 recently at Ford Market. It is in RAF colours and has two jeeps or lightweight Land Rovers suspended beneath the underwing fuselage and a paratrooper
about to jump from exit door.Is any info available please? C.P.Willoughby, Aldwick Bay, West Sussex, UK.

Dave, 16.02.2015

We had 2 Hastings 75/76 at Kinloss used during Operation Heliotrope AKA Cod War they carried 35mm hand cameras f95 and f134

Tom Jewell 14.01.2015, 14.01.2015

I HAD THREE FLIGHTS IN Hastings at RAF Lyneham in 1950 whilst in 1130 Squadron Air Training Corps. They were TG 604 & TG 537.An amazing experience for a 14 year old!

Bob james, 14.12.2014

I did my para training at raf Abingdon Oxfordshire in1966 I did 5 jumps from Hastings .they were very different to the Beverly and the argosey

Bob james, 14.12.2014

I did my para training at raf Abingdon Oxfordshire in1966 I did 5 jumps from Hastings .they were very different to the Beverly and the argosey

Geoff Milner, 18.11.2014

My father F/LT John Edward Milner known as Jack was flying Hastings in 99 Sqdn based at RAF Lyneham in Feb and March 1951.According to his logbook he flew TG561,TG603,TG571,TG531,TG604,TG523,TG551,TG571,TG563 flying in the far east in Negombo to Changi,Mauripor,Bahrain,Habbaniya,El Addem,Castel Benito,Fayid .Dad is now 90 yrs of age.

tony goldsmith, 10.04.2014

I served with 3 Para and have no happy memories of this aircraft..the tin seats used to get so hot you had to move from cheek to cheek..as a signaler carrying a heavy ccntainer it was awefull..the Beverly was much more para friendly being demobbed in 1964 I never got to jump from the C130

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