Handley Page H.P.81 Hermes
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Handley Page H.P.81 Hermes

The Hermes 4 was the first British post-war airliner built to modern standards to go into service; 25 were delivered to BOAC for use on its Commonwealth routes, services beginning in August 1950. Normal accommodation was for 40 passengers, but alternative seating arrangements provided for a maximum of 74. Originally powered by four 1,565kW Bristol Hercules 763 radial engines, all were subsequently re-engined with 1,583kW Hercules 773s and were thereafter known as Hermes 4As.

Handley Page H.P.81 Hermes

 ENGINE4 x Bristol Hercules 763, 1566kW
    Take-off weight39000 kg85981 lb
    Empty weight25100 kg55336 lb
    Wingspan34.44 m113 ft 0 in
    Length29.51 m97 ft 10 in
    Height9.14 m30 ft 0 in
    Wing area130.80 m21407.92 sq ft
    Max. speed563 km/h350 mph
    Cruise speed435 km/h270 mph
    Ceiling7470 m24500 ft
    Range3200 km1988 miles

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Barry, 05.01.2018

For James Talbot. James I live in a house once owned by Gerrard Fane who I think was a friend of your Dads. I have some artefacts that I am certain belong to your father that were here when we moved in. Hoping you see this!

Barry, 05.01.2018

For James Talbot. James I live in a house once owned by Gerrard Fane who I think was a friend of your Dads. I have some artefacts that I am certain belong to your father that were here when we moved in. Hoping you see this!

denis arthur stafford, 01.05.2017

I flew back from Singapore in 1956, we had overnight stays at Karachi then a day delay in Calcutta due to problems then a stay in Brindisi before landing at Blackbushe.
it was a bumpy flight due to the weather conditions.It was the first time most of us had flown.

Guy Ayling, 06.01.2017

Message for James Talbot. I am Headmaster of Llandovery College where your late father was a pupil. We are constructing a timeline of eminent Old Llandoverians and I was hoping you might have a picture of him. Please contact me on warden@llandoverycollege.com
Diolch yn fawr.

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George adams, 16.07.2016

G-ALDT if I remember right

George adams, 16.07.2016

September 1951
First airliner flight for me aged 11.
Off to school in England
Route Nairobi Entebbe Khartoum at night, Cairo ditto, Rome dawn, then Cool London.
What an introduction to a life in aviation!!!

David N J Manning, 07.06.2016

Correction: It was the end of 1954 .

David N J Manning, 07.06.2016

My mum , brother and I (age 6 ) flew to Dar es salaam at the end of 1956 , I remember being airsick for the entire flight , 2 days .Landed at Rome;Bengazi:Cairo;Khartoum;Entebe and Dar.Don't think we went to Nairobi.Almost put me off flying for life! But I think it must have been one of the last BOAC flights for the Hermes . I think the airoplane's name began with S .

D.cranshaw, 31.05.2016

Flew on Hermes GALDO pilot B.Talbot.in 1954.stopped off at Brindisi,Nicosia,(had tyre failure and waited 24 hrs whilst replacement flown from U.K.)Bahrain,karachi,delhi,calcutta and then Bangkok prior to flight to Singapore with engine failure on the last lap.Quite an experience for a thirteen year old who had never flown before!Only took 5days!!!

John Terry, 25.11.2015

In 1957 my father was posted to RAF Seletar and flew out to Singapore on G-ALDA. 3 Months later, my mother and I followed him on this accompanied posting, again on G-ALDA. Six months after this my sister joined us, again travelling on G-ALDA
In all cases the route I belive was Cyprus, Bahrain, Karachi, Calcutta, Changi although I cannot now be sure of the route. I do recall during the stops an abundance of eggs and Camel steaks. I believe the height we travelled at was 10,500 feet. Leaving Cyprus there was a loud bang and the a/c returned but was able to leave several hours later. I was amazed and delighted to find several photographs of G-ALDA on the net and will never forget the running up of its engines prior to take off.

We had an Empire in those days and whilst we didn´t have too much television or anything else, they were good times.

john mills, 12.11.2015

My first ever flight was 19.7.1954 as 22year old RAF national service man. I left Blackbush in Air Work Hermes G-AKFD at 22-oo Hrs arriving Malta 03-40. Departing 05-30 to arriving Fayid 10-30 am. After time there and RAF Eastleigh Nairobi flown between by RAF Vickers Valetta. When demob time came I left Eastleigh again by RAF Valetta to Juba 3 Hrs. then on to Kartoum 3.45 Hrs. Overnight stay then on then on to
Wadi Halfa 2.20 Hrs. then to Fayid 3.25 Hrs. Thus early on 16.8 1955. borded Britania Hermes G-ALDJ and let Fayid for return with stop at malta to arrive back at blackbush at 15.00 Hrs. under Captain D. Williams whose flight bulletin shows us flying 30 miles west of Paris at 6500 ft ?? at 215 mph. Sorry to saw both AKFD & ALDY had later unrearable accidents

David Everitt, 18.10.2015

I flew as a 10 year old with my family from Blackbushe to Singapore in 1955 in a Hermes of Airwork Ltd, London.
I'm not sure of the route, but after a stop over in Rome to fix a problem I believe we flew onto Bengazi, and hopped our way via Karachi, Calcutta, had a night in the King George Hotel somewhere, and we spent a night in some sort of Beau Geste fort with armed guards at the gate, truly amazing, finaly landing at Changi, they opened Paya Lebar Airport when we were there.

Chris Pope, 02.08.2015

When I was four years old, my Mum, flew with me and my 1 yr old Brother in a Hermes - I believe of Airworks - from Blackbushe via Brindisi, Ankara, Karachi and Delhi to Paya Lebar in Singapore.
The plane had some sort of mishap on landing at Ankara and the whole of the passenger complement were shunted into a city centre hotel, under armed guard, because they were having some kind of civil war or something. ANY further information about the plane, the crew and/or the incident would be REALLY appreciated as my Mum has now passed away and my memories of this trip are scant to say the least.
Thanks in advance.

Shirley Black, 01.04.2015

I flew with my mother and 3 sisters and 1 brother from London to Singapore via Brindisi Bahrain Beiruit Karachi stop over Bombay stop over Calcutta Stopover Bankok and Singapore 3 days in total and arrived on my 14 Birthday.....
It was marvellous...

Paul Cox, 21.12.2014

In May 1958 I flew from Singapore to Blackbushe via Calcutta, Karachi, Bahrain, Beiruit, Brindisi. We had to stop over in Calcutta for a few days due to engine failure on the way to Karachi

Graham Collins, 15.12.2014

I flew in G-ALDL from Singapore to Stansted in 1959. My Dad Mum and I were leaving Changi to return to UK. My Dad kept a meticulous log of all flights he was on.
The Captain was named Woodley and he flew the aircraft from Paya Lebar to Bangkok to Calcutta. The Captain was then Janaski and he flew Calcutta to Karachi to Abadan to Ankara.
The Captain changed ( no name ) and he flew Ankara to Brindisi to Stansted

Mike Longhurst, 01.10.2014

We flew to Singapore from I think Stanstead in June 1954, stopping off about seven times and taking 4 days. Much as I loved the Hermes, we were travelling parallel with a beautiful BOAC Constellation and on the leg from Baghdad or thereabouts, could see it off to the left for a while. How I wished I was in that! They got better meals and nice little pennants on their tables during stops.
I actually got a ride in the left hand seat over Brindisi. Vivid memories of the wave of heat that struck us as the doors were opened in Bahrain. Flew back in June 1957 with just a few different stops, but both ways I suffered terribly with perforated eardrums.

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