Handley Page H.P.31 Harrow


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Handley Page H.P.31 Harrow

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 MODELH.P.31 Mark I
 ENGINE1 x 470hp Napier Lion V 12-cylinder water-cooled in-line engine
  Take-off weight3242 kg7147 lb
  Empty weight1998 kg4405 lb
  Wingspan13.41 m44 ft 0 in
  Length10.29 m34 ft 9 in
  Wing area52.30 m2562.95 sq ft
  Max. speed171 km/h106 mph
  Ceiling2652 m8700 ft
  Range708 km440 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x Lewis gun, 1 torpedo or 3 x 235kg bombs

Alan Dugdale, e-mail, 21.12.2008 20:26

"Contender for a 1926 Royal Naval deck-landing practice and seaplane conversion trainer was the Handley Page Harrow Mk.I, N205. Flown on trials at RAF Martlesham Heath, this two-seat re-design of the Hendon / Hanley slotted-wing torpedo-carriers was the first aircraft to have automatic slots, but lost out to the Blackburn Ripon."


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