Handley Page H.P.43
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Handley Page H.P.43

One prototype first flown on 21 June 1932. No production.

 ENGINE3 x 580hp Bristol Pegasus IM3
    Take-off weight10215 kg22520 lb
    Wingspan34.75 m114 ft 0 in
    Length23.09 m76 ft 9 in
    Max. speed187 km/h116 mph
    Range1932 km1201 miles
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm machine-guns, 12 x 110kg bombs

Barry, 19.11.2015

Outdated when it first flew on the 21st June 1932 this biplane was later adapted into and formed the basis of the very much more successful Harrow monoplane bomber.

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