Handley Page V/1500 (H.P.15)


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Handley Page V/1500 (H.P.15)

Ordered as an experimental bomber in the summer of 1917, the large four-engined V/1500 was envisaged for the purpose of bombing Berlin from bases in England and was designed to carry five tons of crew and disposable load. The Armistice intervened before the weather was sufficiently favourable for the three machines delivered to fly to the German capital. Power for each aircraft was provided by four 279.5kW Rolls-Royce Eagle VIIIs mounted in tandem pairs.

The first long flight of a V/1500 was from England to India, which included one stretch of 1,285km over water and another non-stop stage of 1,610km from Cairo to Baghdad.

Handley Page V/1500 (H.P.15)A three-view drawing (687 x 691)

 ENGINE4 x Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII, 280kW
  Take-off weight13608 kg30001 lb
  Empty weight7983 kg17600 lb
  Wingspan38.40 m126 ft 0 in
  Length19.51 m64 ft 0 in
  Height7.01 m23 ft 0 in
  Wing area278.70 m22999.90 sq ft
  Max. speed159 km/h99 mph
 ARMAMENT4-8 x 7.7mm machine-guns, 3400kg of bombs

Tim Martin, e-mail, 14.08.2017 00:05

David, did you ever finish your model? I live in the house that Vernon Busby ( the V1500 test pilot ) was born in and i'm keen to try and get my hands on a V1500 model!


Glenn B. Iverson, e-mail, 28.04.2012 22:53

Did this aircraft have a flight engineers station?


Daivd Stroup, e-mail, 29.10.2008 13:47

I am buiding a Handly Page 1500 and I am looking for Print colors for plane top colors and bottom.Is it all green color.


Mr Gordon Stewart, e-mail, 24.05.2020 Daivd Stroup


Did you manage to build the v /1500? My interest-based on my grandfather flying in the v /1500 in 1918


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