De Havilland D.H.52
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De Havilland D.H.52

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De Havilland D.H.52A three-view drawing (700 x 645)

Jim Prettyman, 17.05.2009

The book, Images of Aviation , The De Havilland Aircraft Company ( reprint 2003 ) , on page 53 shows a photograph of the DH52 together with the caption that reads " Two DH52 gliders were entered for the Daily Mail 1,000 gliding Competition in 1922 ..........abridgement .......... Flight trails were unsatisfactory and the gliders were scrapped ."
The reference to 'competition' and '1922' fits the entry in Martin Sharps history of DH book . This in his listing of DH types . The entry is without type number or name being simpy described as Glider . Perhaps in view of the foregoing he believed that the least said the better ! There is also a reference below the a DH Glider named the Sparrow . Perhaps this is one and the same aircraft .
Bowers, P.M.; with J.W. Dees
De Haviland Sparrow Unusual gliders [Sailplanes\\De Haviland Sparrow], March-April,
page 16

Soaring Magazine 1956

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