De Havilland (Airco) D.H.6
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De Havilland (Airco) D.H.6

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De Havilland (Airco) D.H.6A three-view drawing (700 x 626)

Barry, 05.04.2016

Over 2,280 of this trainer were built and were flown by the R.F.C., the R.N.A.S., the Australian Flying Corps, the Hellenic Naval Air Service and the Spanish Air Force which used some of the 60 license built in Spain. Sometimes called the "Shyhook" or "Clutching Hand" because of it's docile qualities. The R.N.A.S. used them for anti submarine patrols having accepted 1,000 of them. They were unable to carry all the weaponry plus a second crew member so they tended to be flown solo. Some continued to fly in private hands in Australia and South Africa until the late 1930's. A D.H.6 was the first plane to be owned by a scout troop when one was presented to the 3rd Hampden (Middlesex) troop in 1921.
Power plant 1 x 90 h.p. R.A.F. 1A V8 air cooled engine
Span 35'11" Length 27'3 1/2" Height 10'9 1/2" Wing area 141 sq ft Empty Weight 1,460 lb Loaded Weight 2,030 lb
Maximum speed 70 mph Endurance 2 3/4 hours

Finally please put the correct photo on this page!

Bob Green, 28.07.2008

The drawing is of a DH6, but, as Jean-Louis says, the photograph is of a DH5. Apart from the back stagger of the DH5, the DH6 was a much more angular machine, this was to allow ease of production and aid repair -I believe that the top and bottom mainplanes were interchangeable. It was intended as a trainer, although it was also used on anti-submarine patrols, and could be expected to receive plenty of rough handling at the hands of novice pilots.

Jean-Louis Bleneau, 26.10.2007

This aircraft is not an Airco D.H.6 but an Airco D.H.5. Charactéristic of this aircraft is the inverted stagger of the wings.

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