De Havilland D.H.67 / Gloster A.S.31
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De Havilland D.H.67 / Gloster A.S.31

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De Havilland D.H.67 / Gloster A.S.31A three-view drawing (700 x 611)

Barry, 06.10.2016

When the Aircraft Operating Company acting on behalf of the Ordnance Survey requested a replacement fr their D.H.9's they approached De Havilland. The requirement was for an all metal aircraft that could operate from land and on floats and could maintain a level flight at 9,000 ft fully loaded on one engine. De Havilland designed the D.H.67, but as a company they were far too busy with production of the Hercules and the Moth so passed the project over to Gloster as A.S.31 Survey. It made it's first flight in June 1929 and was handed over to the Air Operating Company on 25th January 1930. It was used to survey Rhodesia and later South Africa. It was later sold to the South African Air Force and used for aerial surveys until it was broken up at Waterkloof in December 1942. One other model was built for the Air Ministry and used by the R.A.E. at Farnborough until 1936.

Crew 3

Power plant 2 x 525 h.p Bristol Jupiter air cooled radial engines

Span 61'0" Length 48'6" Height 18'9" Wing area 1,025 sq ft
Empty weight 5,614 lb Gross weight 8,570 lb

Max speed 131 mph Cruising speed 110 mph Range 495 miles
Service ceiling 21,900 ft

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