De Havilland D.H.72
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De Havilland D.H.72

The only prototype first flown on 27 July 1931. No production.

De Havilland D.H.72A three-view drawing (676 x 582)

 ENGINE3 x 595hp Bristol Jupiter XFS
    Take-off weight9744 kg21482 lb
    Wingspan28.96 m95 ft 0 in
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm machine-guns, 10 x 110kg bombs

De Havilland D.H.72

Barry, 18.11.2015

They say that De Havilland never built a bad plane, but this sure comes close! Although in all fairness, whilst it was designed by D.H., with a lot of interference from the Ministry of Aviation construction was undertaken by Gloster Aircraft who had a trading agreement with De Havilland to complete their military work.

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