De Havilland D.H.75 Hawk Moth
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De Havilland D.H.75 Hawk Moth

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De Havilland D.H.75 Hawk MothA three-view drawing (700 x 692)

J Runfeldt, 17.09.2014

Power Plant: Armstrong-Siddeley Lynx 240hp
British Metric
Span 47ft 14.33m
Length 28ft 10in 8.79m
Wing Area 334sqft 31sqm
Empty Weight 2380lb 1080kg
All up Weight 3650lb 1655kg
Max speed 127mph 204km/h
Max Range 560mi 900km
Service ceiling 14500ft 4400m

Source: Donald Hannah; FlyPast Reference Library book on DeHavilland Aircraft.

Stan Svihla, 27.10.2011

Retired from de Havilland '97 I still keep an interest in de Havilland products. The Hawk Moth is one of those interesting aircraft that fell by the wayside that begs information about it. It's layout so similar to the legendary Beaver it compels comparison. Some information was available in company archives and I believe that there was one at D-H Canada before WW II as some types were sent to assess if they could find use in North America. I cannot be certain if it was ever mounted on floats as most types were tried in that configuration. From the photo it shows mounting steps on the port side whereas the three-view depicts them on the starboard side. That one feature would have rejected it's use by bush operators who prefer openings especially in an emergency which their operations in rough country operation could and did occur!
From the photo the location pictured looks very much Downsview in the pre-war days before rapid expansion. The flat field north of to-days Wilson Ave runway hosted many meets between flying clubs and visiting aircraft at that location with the newly situated to the west of that area. Some specifications on the Hawk Moth would fill in many gaps.

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