De Havilland D.H.81 Swallow Moth
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De Havilland D.H.81 Swallow Moth

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De Havilland D.H.81 Swallow MothA three-view drawing (700 x 658)

Barry, 06.10.2016

Built during the "Great Depression" the Swallow Moth was a low cost two tandem seat sports aircraft which was first flown by Geoffrey De Havilland 21 st August 1931. Initially the Swallow Moth was open topped but with the addition of the canopy, which increased the speed by 11 mph, it was designated the DH 81A. It was retained for flight testing and eventually retired from use on 3 rd February 1932. It never took up civil registration and spent it's life in the Class B marking E7, so I think Mr Buggy your wires may be crossed on this one.

Crew 1 + 1 passenger
Power plant 1 x 80 h.p. De Havilland Gypsy IV inverted four cylinder air cooled engine.

Span 35'6" Length 23'6" Height 8'4" Wing area 149 sq ft
Gross weight 1,330 lb

Max speed 113 mph

ken Buggy, 29.07.2009

my dad and another chap owned a DH swallow in the late 50ies
but it didn't look like above. the wings and tail were 'squared'off. wings also may have been able to fold. The reg number may have been EI-AGA, but could have been G-AGA.
There is nothing about this type of Swallow in Gordon Bain's DE Havilland, a pictorial tribute, published by Airlife publishing 1992....was it a swallow

Ayrton Jauffret, 18.04.2008

Thanks for the only source of this aircraft photo !!!

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