Hawker Duiker
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Hawker Duiker

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Hawker Duiker

Hawker DuikerA three-view drawing (1274 x 1252)

Barry, 23.11.2015

An initial design from the Hawker Aircraft Engineering Company by their then chief designer Captain Thompson for an army co-operation plane. At that time Hawker shared Brooklands, where they were based, with Vickers who curiously built most of this aircraft. It was not very successful to such an extent the swept wing separated from the rear struts in one flight. Powered firstly by an Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar but later by a Bristol Jupiter IV rated at 390 h.p.

Span 48'5" Length 31'5" Height 10'7" Max Weight 4,940 lb
Max speed 125 mph Cruise speed 99 mph Service ceiling 14,500 ft

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