Hawker Hedgehog


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Hawker Hedgehog

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Hawker Hedgehog

Hawker HedgehogA three-view drawing (1404 x 1770)

Barry, 23.11.2015 14:20

This was a three seat naval reconnaissance plane built to Air Ministry specification 37 /22. Powered by a Bristol Jupiter engine driving a two blade wooden propeller.The flight trials were successful but the performance was not very much better than the existing types in service e.g.the Blackburn Blackburn so no further development was taken up.

Span 40'1 /4" Length 30'9" Height 12'6" Max T /O weight 4,800 lb
Max Speed 120 mph Cruise speed 89 mph Service ceiling 13,500 ft
Armament 1 forward firing .303" Vickers gun and 1 x .303" Lewis gun mounted on a Scarff ring


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