Hawker P.1052


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Hawker P.1052

Rolls-Royce Nene-powered research aircraft built to investigate the controllability and stability of sweptback wings at low speeds. First flown on 19 November 1948.

Hawker P.1052

Hawker P.1052A three-view drawing (1284 x 890)

Barry, 23.06.2016 14:08

Owing a lot to the Sea Hawk (q.v.), the P.1052 was produced in two models the first being converted to the P.1081 which had swept empennage and a straight through tail pipe replacing the bifurcated efflux and the second a dedicated naval aircraft with arrestor hook and strengthened under carriage.

Power plant 1 x Rolls Royce R.N.2 Nene developing 5,000 lb thrust.

Span 31'6" Length 39'7" Height 10'6" Wing area 258 sq ft
Empty weight 9,450 lb Gross weight 13,488 lb

Max speed 682 mph
Service ceiling 45,500 ft


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