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Hawker Woodcock

The first fighter to be produced by Hawker Engineering (the successor to Sopwith Aviation), the Woodcock was designed by Capt B Thomson to meet Specification 25/22 calling for a single-seat night interceptor fighter. Of wooden construction with fabric skinning, the Woodcock was a two-bay biplane with variable-camber flaps and a 358hp Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar II 14- cylinder radial. Mounting an armament of two 7.7mm Vickers guns, the Woodcock was flown in 1923, but its qualities proved disappointing. Lacking manoeuvrability, it suffered serious wing flutter and an ineffectual rudder. Several revisions of the vertical tail were undertaken, and the Jaguar engine was replaced by a Bristol Jupiter, but the Woodcock failed to find favour during Martlesham Heath evaluation. Further development was discarded in favour of a thoroughgoing redesign that led to the Woodcock II.

Hawker Woodcock

 ENGINE1 x Bristol Jupiter IV, 283kW
  Take-off weight1371 kg3023 lb
  Empty weight945 kg2083 lb
  Wingspan10.57 m35 ft 8 in
  Length7.80 m26 ft 7 in
  Height2.74 m9 ft 0 in
  Wing area33.07 m2355.96 sq ft
  Max. speed230 km/h143 mph
  Cruise speed169 km/h105 mph
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm machine-guns

Hawker WoodcockA three-view drawing (1262 x 784)

Barry, 13.09.2012 14:11

The upper photograph shows the Woodcock II.


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