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Hendy Hobo

Designed by Basil Henderson and built by the Hendy Aircraft Co at Shoreham in 1929, the Hobo was originally powered by a 35hp ABC Scorpion engine but was rebuilt in 1934 with a 90hp Pobjoy Cataract, shown here on the only example, which was raced until 1939.

Caroline Powell, e-mail, 12.12.2012 13:21

I am Basil Henderson's daughter. We too have a model of the Hobo. and various photos of the Hobo, 302 and Hecks taken during construction and during test flights. We also have the drawings of the Heck and possibly some of the other planes.


Mark Pilkington, e-mail, 11.05.2010 21:50

I have a metal model of this plane. My Grandfather used to own it and race it. He was Lord Patrick Crichton Stuart.


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