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Hillson Praga

There is no text information for this aircraft at the moment.

Barry, 20.04.2016 18:41

Re David Horsley it is listed in the Czech section of this site, although incorrectly states that the first flight was 1947 and not 1934. It was known as the Praga E114 Air Baby. I would suggest the reason it is shown here is because Hillson obtained a license to build it in the U.K. The original Praga B-2 engine license built by Jowett proved unreliable and were replaced by 40 h.p Aeronca JAP 99 flat twin.

Span 36'1" Length 21'8" Height 7'10" Wing area 164 sq ft
Empty weight 640 lb
Maximum speed 91 mph Cruising speed 71 mph Service ceiling 9,850 ft Endurance 3.75 hours


Jack Meadows, e-mail, 05.06.2010 20:55

2 maybe 4 horizontally opposed cylinder engine - not a Jowett I believe. Whole centre leading edge [and top of windscreen] lifted up for cockpit access. You sat virtually on the floor. I flew one in Ipswich [Straight Corporation]in 1938 several times only because it was cheaper [L1.25 phr] than normal light aircraft [L1.50] in those days. To-day wd probably be called ultralight.


John Wolf, e-mail, 24.11.2009 08:53

I am interested the engine that was used to power this aircraft. I have been told that a 2 cylinder Jowett engine was used, but have not been able to find any supporting information. Jowett manufactured cars in Bradford from 1910 to 1953.


David Horsley, e-mail, 07.08.2009 23:34

My father worked for the company that built the Praga in the UK - F Hills and Sons Ltd.
The company built the Praga at Trafford Park, Manchester, under licence from a Czech company. It was a 2-seater sports plane. I'm surprised it is not listed as a Czech plane.
They operated a flying school using Pragas at Barton Aerodrome, Manchester.
One Praga survived until the late 1950's.


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