Hordern Richmond Autoplane


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Hordern Richmond Autoplane

Single Autoplane, 3-seat light twin, built at Heston 1936 by Heston Aircraft for E.G. Hordern and Duke of Richmond and Gordon. No pedals, rudder control by wheel as in Ercoupe.

John, e-mail, 17.09.2020 07:42

Just read this. KW is 29.8


Barry, 07.04.2016 18:33

First flown on by E.G.Hordern on the 28th October 1936 from Heston Aerodrome. It was later based at Goodwood and registered to the Duke of Richmond until 14th APRIL 1938 when ownership was transferred to Hordern Richmond Aircraft at Denham. It was grounded during the war and was later to be found hanging from the roof of Hordern Richmond Propeller factory in Haddenham. It's ultimate fate is not known.

Power Plant 2 x 40 h.p. Continental A-40-5 4 cylinder air cooled engines.
Span 43'4" Length 24'6" Empty weight 1,125 lb Gross weight 1,750 lb
Maximum speed 98 mph Cruising speed 85 mph Range 141 miles


Sven, 26.07.2014 01:38

Two 40hp (not clue what that is in kw) continental flat 4s. A rather marginal twin with not great performance


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