Kennedy Giant
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Kennedy Giant

Only one partial flight made in 1917.

 ENGINE4 x 200hp Canton-Unne Salmson Z9 9-cylinder water-cooled radial engines
    Empty weight8626 kg19017 lb
    Wingspan43.28 m142 ft 0 in
    Length24.38 m80 ft 0 in
    Height7.16 m24 ft 6 in

Barry, 23.11.2015

C.J.H. Mackenzie-Kennedy the proprietor of Kennedy Aeroplanes had at some time worked with Igor Sikorsky and one can see that, superficially at least, there is a resemblance between his plane and the designs of Sikorsky. However, this plane which was constructed at the Fairey factory at Heston, and had to be constructed outside as there was not a hanger or shed large enough to house it. The craft was underpowered and only made one or two short hops and was left to go derelict at Norholt Aerodrome.

huaren, 18.06.2011

For what I saw,it was intended to be a transport aircraft.

, 18.06.2011


Walter F. Klein, 04.01.2009

In Geoffrey Regan's book "Flying Blunders"you can find the story "Sikorski Stillborn"

Sgt.KAR98, 16.01.2008

For what I saw,it was intended to be a transport aircraft.

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