Miles M.28
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Miles M.28

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Fred Collins, 14.01.2010

The Miles M28 was designed to fulfill two major functions, a two seater ab-initio/intermediate trainer and a three seat communications aircraft.
It was designed to be powered by either a Cirrus Major 150 HP engine or a Gypsy Major IIA with fixed pitch propeller or a Gypsy Major III with a constant speed propeller.
With Miles low drag flaps and drooping ailerons as well as a fuselage air brake, landing speeds were as low as 40 miles per hour. Top speed with the Gypsy Major III engine was 176 mph. Span: 30'6in. Length 22'1 1/2 in. Height 8'6in wing area 160 sq. ft. The prototype shown in the picture had an R.A.F. Service Number of U-0232

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