Percival Q.6 Petrel


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Percival Q.6 Petrel

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Percival Q.6 Petrel

Barry, 01.12.2015 17:25

Designed by Edgar Percival at Luton as a 6 seat civil transport and first flying in 1938, the majority of the 27 produced were used by the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy as communications aircraft. Not surprisingly there appears to be only one extent which is in non flying condition in Norfolk England.

Engines : 2 x 205 h.p. De Havilland Gypsy Six
Span 46'8" Length 32'3" Height 9'9" Empty Weight 3,500 lb Max Weight 5,500 lb
Max Speed 195 mph Cruise Speed 175 mph Range 750 miles Service ceiling 21,000 ft


stuart porter, e-mail, 16.05.2011 15:26

Hey there,been trying my hardest to gather as much info on the percival q6 as im in the process of building a 16 ft radio control model aircraft!!! Can anybody help please!!!


Colin Legge, e-mail, 08.01.2009 14:54

I have quite a lot of info on the Q6

Contact me if you wish by email


cgauntley, e-mail, 06.10.2008 05:34

would like to know anyone who has information on this aircraft ... would like to make radio control model.



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