Portsmouth Aerocar Major
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Portsmouth Aerocar Major

The Portsmouth Aerocar Major flew in June 1947 with 155hp Blackburn Cirrus Major engines. It seated five passengers and was quite an advanced design, but the concept did not attract any orders and it was scrapped in 1950.

Portsmouth Aerocar Major

cjjbalfour, 02.05.2016

Above is not correct. Minor was not completed. Major backer did not 'leave'
Have you read my book Spithead Express see Amazon. have also written a more personal memoir which tries to tell the whole story.Would gladly send a free copy if of interest. And there is now somer pressure to think about publishing all my father's written records about the Aerocar

Barry, 03.12.2015

There was in addition a Minor version of this aeroplane but it was shelved for being too underpowered. The plane showed good flying characteristics but because the major backer of Portsmouth Aviation left there was no money to develop the concept.
Engines 2 x 150 h.p. Blackburn Cirrus Major in line air cooled
Span 42'0" Length 26'3" Height 10'7" Loaded Weight 3,950lb
Max Speed 164 mph Cruise speed 136 mph Range 500 miles

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