Short Bomber


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Short Bomber

Basically a landplane version of the Short 184 powered normally by a 186kW Rolls-Royce Eagle III engine and featuring a four-wheel main landing gear. Eighty-two production aircraft were built for the RNAS out of 110 ordered, some of which were later transferred to the RFC and one was presented to the French government. Maximum level speed was 124km/h.

Short Bomber

 ENGINE1 x 225hp Sunbeam or 1 x 250hp Rolls-Royce (Eagle)
  Take-off weight3087 kg6806 lb
  Empty weight2270 kg5005 lb
  Wingspan25.60 m84 ft 0 in
  Length13.72 m45 ft 0 in
  Height4.57 m15 ft 0 in
  Wing area80.83 m2870.05 sq ft
  Max. speed124 km/h77 mph
  Ceiling3231 m10600 ft
 ARMAMENT1 x 7.7mm machine-gun, 6 x 30kg bombs

Short BomberA three-view drawing (644 x 634)

Klaatu83, e-mail, 02.11.2012 19:41

This was Britain's first strategic bomber, and was actually designed for use by the Royal Navy, rather than the British Army's Royal Flying Corps. It was put into operational service quickly in order to fill-in until the plane the Navy really wanted, the larger twin-engine Handley-Page 0-100, could be developed and produced.


Martin Giles, e-mail, 12.03.2009 04:20

Every other source I have (6) quotes the span as 85ft. The metric conversion is correct but...a foot off. And, 12 in is 1 foot.


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