Short 330 / C-23 Sherpa
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Short 330 / C-23 Sherpa

The Short 330 was developed from the SC.7 Skyvan, with a fuselage stretched to accommodate 30 passengers while retaining the Skyvan's twin tail fin, but including a semi-retractable undercarriage. The Short 330 was aimed at regional, commuter and bush operators that required a simple, unpressurized, reliable aircraft. Like the Skyvan, the 330 attracted a combination of commercial and military/paramilitary customers, including the US Air Force/Army, which purchased 34 C-23 Sherpa examples from a total of 141 Short 330s built.

Short 330 / C-23 SherpaA three-view drawing (752 x 967)

 ENGINE2 x Pratt Whitney PT6A-45R turboprops, 900kW
    Take-off weight10390 kg22906 lb
    Loaded weight6680 kg14727 lb
    Payload3175kg7000 lb
    Wingspan22.76 m75 ft 8 in
    Length17.69 m58 ft 0 in
    Height4.95 m16 ft 3 in
    Wing area42.1 m2453.16 sq ft
    Cruise speed352 km/h219 mph
    Ceiling6000 m19700 ft
    Range w/max.payload370-1240 km230 - 771 miles

Pete Kuhns, 13.07.2016

I know an Army (helicopter) pilot who was assigned Sherpa 'duties' in 2007. The Army had 44 of them he was told - he had been in the Army for 20 years and never even knew about this plane let alone his outfit having any. He said the plane was used for 'Ash and Trash' which I guess is an Army term for just about anything - he enjoyed flying it and also the missions over Iraq. The planes were retired from the Army last year (2015) I am told.

Arnie Gardner, 31.03.2015

I was stationed with the 10th Military Airlift Squadron, Zweibrucken, Germany. We were the first unit to get the new C-23A Sherp in 1984.

Matthieu KIMONA KIKANDA, 27.05.2010

Puis je avoir les informations sur les conditions d,achat ou de leas?

John Minietta, 24.11.2008

I am attempting to acquire an equipment fit list for this airplane and the SD3-60.

Short Brothers, 21.09.2008

For 10th MAS and USAF C-23A info contact

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