Somers Kendall SK.1
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Somers Kendall SK.1

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Barry, 28.06.2016

Power plant 1 x 330 lb thrust Turbomeca Pallas

Crew 2

Span 22'9 1/2" Length 20'10 1/2" Height 5'6" Wing area 65 sq ft
Empty weight 810 lb Gross weight 1,500 lb

Maximum speed 323 mph Range 400 miles

Peter Bishop, 24.10.2012

Over teh last few years have gathered up what remains of this aircraft and documentation. Have met John Chaplin who completed most of the original design work.

Interesting fact: The mono wheel and tip ou rigger concept was copied on to the Harrier fighter. Thus it could be argued that the Sk is the Father of the Harrie !

Peter Bishop, 16.08.2011

I want anyone, epecially John Chaplin to contact me uregtnly regarding the Sk1 (its Nr 2 as regards a rebuild). Anyone know where the canopy and main landing gear are ? Tel 0049 172 408 2426

John Chaplin, 22.05.2011

As the second member of the design and flight test team (Hugh Kendall and myself) I did quite a lot of flying in the SK1. It was great fun. The measured top speed in level flight was about 320 mph, close to our expectation. The sad end of flying came when the Palas engine turbine failed during run-up prior to takeoff in the King's Cup. We had no sponsor by then other than a Mr Magalow - Nat Somers had pulled out, and though the airframe was undamaged we could not afford to have the engine repaired.
I believe there is a copy of the type record in the Public Record Office. I do not know where the drawings are.

Colin Bowles, 02.02.2011

Just clearing out some boxes from the loft and came across a couple of pictures of the remnants of the SK-1, taken at Denham airfield on 28 nov 1965.

Max Ayriss, 22.06.2010

In the late fifties I saw at Baginton, Coventry when it was brought out from the hangar after refurbishing the wing tip wheels following damage on landing at Baginton. Regretfully my Koadak Brownie was not with me that day.

Hugh Young, 16.05.2010

Some fifty years ago I was with the Air Registration Board in the UK and made a flight as observer in the rear seat of the SK-1. Quite an experience!

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