Supermarine Scapa
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Supermarine Scapa

All-metal reconnaissance flying-boat developed from the Southampton and powered by two 391kW Rolls-Royce Kestrel IIIS radial engines mounted in nacelles applied directly to the undersurface of the upper wing centre-section. Fourteen were built for the RAF, entering service in 1935.

Barry, 31.10.2016

Originally called the Southampton IV the name was very quickly changed to Scapa and it went on to fly with 202, 204, 228 and 240 squadrons R.A.F. It was later developed into the more powerful Stranraer.

Crew 5
Power plant 2 x 525 h.p Rolls Royce Kestrel III MS water cooled V12

Span 75'0" Length 53'0" Height 21'0" Wing area 1,300 sq ft
Empty weight 10,300 lb Loaded weight 16,080 lb

Max speed 142 mph Range 1,000 miles Service ceiling 15,500 ft

Armament 3 x .303" machine guns one in the bow and two amidships plus 1,000 lb bombs on under wing racks.

Peter, 29.09.2015

A-hum -- Rolls-Royce Kestrel radial engines? The kestrel was an in-line 'V' 12 like most RR aero engines

E Chivers, 16.03.2013

recently discovered records of my fathers time as air gunner on Supermarine Scapa No K4198. Their is also a photo of this flying boat at Greater Manchester County Recoreds office but I have no idea why at this moment. Edward Chivers

Barry, 22.09.2009

The Kestrel was not a radial engine.

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