Supermarine 381 Seagull
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Supermarine Seagull

The first prototype flew on July 14, 1948. Did not entered production. Two built.

Supermarine 381 SeagullA three-view drawing (752 x 1122)

 MODEL381 "Seagull"
 ENGINE1 x Rolls-Royce "Griffon" 29, 1360kW
    Take-off weight6420 kg14154 lb

Appius Claudius, 29.10.2014

Wingspsn, 16m; length, 13.4m; height, 4.84m; wing area, 40.13 sq. m.

Lars Hjort Christensen, 25.01.2008

It's the Seagull ASR mk. I

clive, 28.03.2007

Can you please not show E mail addresses.......or we get spammed/phished.

Clive, 28.03.2007

Sorry but you have the wrong picture in the top/index frame you are showing the biplane. Your picture used to be correct until your major overhaul.

I am working with a friend in France on a RC scale model of this final prototype version of two built the last of the Supermarine flying-boat line.
The earlier versions can be distinguished by a vertical rear edge to the central wing motor pylon and a different rear fin arrangement- the first version having only the two outer fins.

Designed as a ship born ASR aircraft it had a complex folding wing that was of variable incidence 2.5-12.5 degrees and flaps. Though troubled in its development it performed well in many ways, but it was too small and too specialised to find a role in the post war era.

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