Vickers 131 Valiant
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Vickers 131 Valiant

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Vickers 131 ValiantA three-view drawing (800 x 705)

Barry, 07.12.2015

Designed to replace the DH 9A, the aircraft failed to meet the original specification as one of the major requirements for the cash strapped Ministry of Aviation was that it should use as many components from the DH 9A as possible as the R.A.F. had a lot of spares! In the long run it proved to be 30% heavier than the eventual winner the Westland Wapiti and was judged to be an unstable bombing platform. The one and only model was sold to the Chilean School of Aviation where it was destroyed in a crash in 1929
Engine 1 x 492 h.p. Bristol Jupiter VI radial
Span 45'5" Length 33'5" Height 11'7" Empty Weight 3,048 lb Gross Weight 4,519 lb
Max Speed 130 mph Service Ceiling 19,650 ft
Crew 2 Armament 2 x.303" machine guns 500 lb bombs

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