Vickers Monoplane No.1
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Vickers Monoplane No.1

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Vickers Monoplane No.1A three-view drawing (700 x 578)

Vickers Monoplane No.1

Barry, 04.12.2015

Five models of the No 1 monoplane were built, and whilst the fuselage and tail were very much a copy of the REP the wings were of original design. The Vickers No 1 was powered by a 5 cylinder air cooled REP engine developing 60 h.p.
The second airframe was sold to Douglas Mawson but was badly damaged in a crash landing at Adelaide in October 1911. He took the remains (i.e. the fuselage and engine) on his expedition to Antarctica to use as a tractor for his sledges, but without great success as the cold air solidified the engine lubricant causing the engine to seize.
Crew 2 Span 47'6" Length 36'5" Empty weight 1,000 lb
Maximum Speed 56 m.p.h.

guba, 20.06.2011

The deep keel of this aircraft suggests that it is derived from the REP, so quite possibly it is Mawson's.

, 20.06.2011

Vickers Monoplane No.1

Bernard Parfrey, 28.05.2010

The engine shown in these photos appears to be an Anzani 3 cyl fan type.
I was of the impression that the engine in Mawsons "original" Vickers was 7 cylinder! Front row of four and second row of three cylinders - constructed in the typical Anzani "fan" layout.. The exhaust "system" was just a row of small holes around the central exhaust valve on top of each cylinder head!... The propeller fitted suggests about 1200 to 1400 RPM would be about all it would produce - on a good day! Any one out there know any more details?

kijuan, 09.03.2010

this aircraft is pretty gay!

Lawrence Howard, 14.01.2010

Yes, this is Mawson's Vickers REP

Adrian Roberts, 04.01.2010

One newspaper account describes Mawson's aeroplane as a Vickers REP. The deep keel of this aircraft suggests that it is derived from the REP, so quite possibly it is Mawson's.

Cleland McBurney, 03.01.2010

Perhaps this is the same model Vickers built that Sir Dougkas Mawson took to the Antarctic and unloaded 29 Dec 1911. Was to be used as a motor sledge.

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