Vickers Valentia
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Vickers Valentia

The Valentia was a development of the earlier Victoria troop-carrier, differing by having two 484kW Bristol Pegasus II.L3 or II.M3 engines (the latter for use in India) and an improved landing gear. Accommodation was for a crew of two and 22 troops; lockers were used for equipment and rifle-racks and stretcher supports were provided. Bomb racks could also be fitted if required. Twenty-eight were built as new and 54 Victorias were brought up to this standard.

Vickers ValentiaA three-view drawing (700 x 759)

 ENGINE2 x 464kW Bristol Pegasus radials,
    Take-off weight8845 kg19500 lb
    Empty weight4964 kg10944 lb
    Wingspan26.62 m87 ft 4 in
    Length18.14 m60 ft 6 in
    Height5.41 m18 ft 9 in
    Max. speed193 km/h120 mph
    Ceiling4955 m16250 ft
    Range1287 km800 miles
 ARMAMENT1000kg of bombs

George Begg, 20.03.2017

My uncle, Squadron Leader James A Begg (who was killed flying a Whitley bomber in 1939) spent several years flying these planes in India during the NW Frontier Campaign and the Mohmand Campaign (in 1937). Have several photos of the Valentia (Reg No K 2340) he flew if anyone be interested.

Ian wasse, 19.12.2015

Vickers valentia. My father flew these as his workhorse in RAF India from august 1937 to November 1938. K 2340 and K4634 then K 4635

Weldon Stacey, 19.12.2011

I said that I flew the Ventura a/c in the middle east I meant to say the Valentia out of Habb ,I flew all three at different tmmes of course.from 1942 to 1944

daxiong, 20.06.2011

It took 2 pilots to control the a/c in rough air.My bases were Heliopolis Habbaniya and Bagdad.

, 20.06.2011

Vickers Valentia

Weldon Stacey, 19.06.2011

I flew the ventura in the middle east and accumulated about 300 hours,mostly in Iraq ,Persia and Palestine with the R A F in 1942 1943 and 1944. It was a fun aircraft to fly at 80 to 90 mph. It took 2 pilots to control the a/c in rough air.My bases were Heliopolis Habbaniya and Bagdad.

george, 13.08.2010

hi i have a photo of an aircraft no j.7924 is it the saME one you show?

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