Vickers 212 Vellox
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Vickers 212 Vellox

The only Type 212 Vellox flew on 23 January 1934 powered by two 447kW Bristol Pegasus engines.

Vickers 212 VelloxA three-view drawing (832 x 846)

Vickers 212 Vellox

Barry, 15.04.2016

The Vellox was a one off twin engined version of the Vellore, powered by a pair of Bristol Pegasus engines and as is rightly noted it crashed in Croydon on a flight from Le Bourget unfortunately killing the crew of four.

Jim, 31.05.2015

This actual aircraft, G-ABKY crashed into houses in hillside gardens Wallington, near Croydon Airport, on August 10th 1936.

, 20.06.2011

Vickers 212 Vellox

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