Vickers Viget
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Vickers Viget

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Vickers VigetA three-view drawing (800 x 742)

 ENGINE1 x 750cc Douglas
    Take-off weight259 kg571 lb
    Empty weight177 kg390 lb
    Wingspan7.62 m25 ft 0 in
    Length5.28 m17 ft 4 in
    Wing area18.58 m2199.99 sq ft
    Max. speed93 km/h58 mph

Barry, 07.12.2015

Like the De Havilland Humming Bird and the Gloster Gannet, the Vignet was built for the Lympne trials. Like these other aeroplanes it was restricted to the use of a 750 cc engine and there lay the rub. It was later advertised that it could be fitted with other engines, like the Bristol Cherub, but no record of any engine change exists. Only one was built and this was de- registered in 1929.

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