Vickers Vimy Commercial


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Vickers Vimy Commercial

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Vickers Vimy Commercial

Vickers Vimy CommercialA three-view drawing (844 x 843)

Barry, 14.04.2016 15:14

With an enlarged fuselage built mainly of spruce, the first Vimy Commercial Carrying the registration K-107 took to the air on the 13th April 1919 from Joyce Green. The plane was later adopted by the R.A.F. as the Vernon transport when it ordered fifty five (q.v.). Some 100 were ordered by the Chinese of which forty out of 43 constructed were delivered and ended up in crates on the dock with only seven actually being put to use. In Britain both Imperial Airways and Instone Air Lines flew the Vimy along with French air line Grande Exprees Aeriens.


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