Vickers 61 Vulcan
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Type 74 Vulcan

In early 1921 design was initiated of the Vickers Vulcan transport, a biplane of 14.94m span with a deep oval-section fuselage completely filling the space between the equal-span wings. It accommodated the pilot in an open cockpit forward of the upper wing, with below and behind him a roomy enclosed cabin for six to eight passengers. To limit selling price to the minimum, the low-cost war-surplus 268kW Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII engine was installed in the first six aircraft (Type 61) to be completed, but as a number of performance problems were encountered the last two examples (Type 74) had the 336kW Napier Lion. One of the early production aircraft was completed as a cargo carrier (Type 63) for Air Ministry evaluation, but was subsequently reconverted as a passenger carrier and used with one other Eagle-powered and the two Napier Lion-powered aircraft by Imperial Airways on European service. Their very limited reliability meant the Vulcan had a short useful life, only one or two surviving in service beyond the mid-1920s.

Vickers 61 VulcanA three-view drawing (800 x 829)

 MODELType 74
 ENGINE1 x Napier Lion, 336kW
    Take-off weight3062 kg6751 lb
    Wingspan14.94 m49 ft 0 in
    Max. speed180 km/h112 mph

baiwang, 21.06.2011

only one or two surviving in service beyond the mid-1920s.

, 21.06.2011

Vickers 61 Vulcan

Joey, 28.09.2007

The World's Ugliest Aeroplane. Ever. I love it!

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