Vickers 284 Warwick
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Vickers 284 Warwick

The Warwick was a slightly enlarged version of the Wellington and employed the same geodetic form of construction. It was designed originally to Specification B. 1/35 to replace the Wellington. But because the generation of four-engined bombers was also being produced at the same time, it was subsequently adapted for reconnaissance duties with Coastal Command and first went into service in 1943. Other models were built for transport and air-sea rescue duties. The final version, the GR.V, entered service in 1945 and carried bombs, mines or depth-charges. About 840 production Warwicks were built.

Vickers 284 WarwickA three-view drawing (828 x 1042)

 MODEL"Warwick" GR Mk.II
 ENGINE2 x Bristol "Centaur VI", 1864kW
    Take-off weight23247 kg51251 lb
    Empty weight14118 kg31125 lb
    Wingspan29.48 m97 ft 9 in
    Length20.88 m69 ft 6 in
    Height5.64 m19 ft 6 in
    Max. speed422 km/h262 mph
    Ceiling5790 m19000 ft
    Range3460 km2150 miles
 ARMAMENT8 x 7.7mm machine-guns, 6900kg of bombs

Clipper, 01.08.2011

John, tell your old man thanks, if you still can. We appreciated the Warwicks flying with Coastal Command, as they almost always got our downed chums home. Unfortunatley, when we crashed, we did so over France, so their lifeboat wasn't as effective.

napo, 21.06.2011

mines or depth-charges. About 840 production Warwicks were built.

, 21.06.2011

Vickers 284 Warwick

bombardier, 25.05.2011

Looks like a big Wellington

Bob, 14.12.2010

Finger trouble in last comment - it's WING Bucks. not Beds. Also wanted to ask if anyone else remembers this??

Bob, 14.12.2010

#26 OTU RAF WING Beds.flew Wellingtons.Two WarwickII's HG349&HG350 with Bristol Centaurus VII engines were introduced into the regular program and I and my crew were chosen to do the course on them, commencing March 1945. We understood this was to provide easier transition to the upcoming Lincoln. Great aircraft to fly and much fun buzzing the odd B17 that no doubt thought we were just another Wimpey.

john, 04.10.2010

my father flew this plane in s. africa,mediteranian,italy during the 2nd world war. great aircraft

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