Kai PON-1
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Kai PON-1

The PON-1 was one of a series of tandem-cockpit biplanes built in Estonia in 1934-6. A version called KOD-1 was made under licence in Latvia.

Chandler, 19.11.2013

That is amazingly amazing

Randy Minnick, 25.07.2012

What a cutie! It reminds me of a Ryan PT-22 if it were a biplane. My guess is that the engine is running somewhere around the 120-125 hp range. Love this plane!

, 17.06.2011


Bev Totten, 15.10.2010

Cloaked with only my goggles, scarf & really sweet leather helmet with fluffy lined ear guards and shined brass chin buckle, I take to the skies like an eccentric Estorian...

Bob Wilson Jr, 21.09.2010

I've always wanted to fly an Estonian airplane. Are any of these still in existence?

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