Karhumäki Viri
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Karhumäki Viri

Veljekset Karhumäki O/Y established 1924 to build light aircraft under licence, adding Viri (Finnish club of aero engineers design) 1935. In 1941 moved into new factory at Halli to build llmavoimat (air force) trainers. Postwar designed Karhu 48B high-wing 4-seater on wheels, skis or floats. A reproduction of the 1929 Tiira tandem parasol monoplane began flying in 2004.

Barry, 21.04.2016

Only two of these diminutive machines were built. Designed as an aerobatic aircraft the first flew on 15th September 1936 and came to it's end in an accident on 1st January 1938. The second model was never completed, possibly because of the war.
Power plant 1 x 37 h.p. Szekely SR-3-0

sven, 09.09.2015

I just googled this and found a picture of the 2004 replica. A little cracker , looks like a Rotec radial at the sharp end so music to the ears as well.

, 17.06.2011


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