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Valmet L-70 Miltrainer / Vinka

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Barry, 14.03.2016

Designed as a replacement for the Saab Safir in service with the Finnish Air Force the Valmet L-70 made it's first flight on 1st July 1975. An order was placed for 30 Vinka on 28th January 1977 with the first aircraft entering service on 13th October 1980, with final deliveries in 1982.

Power plant 1 x 200 h.p. 4 cylinder Lycoming AEIO 360 A1B6

Span 32'3" Length 24'7" Height 10'10" Wing area 151 sq ft Empty weight 1,691 lb Loaded weight 2,315 lb
Max Speed 149 mph Cruise speed 138 mph Range 534 miles

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