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VL Viima II

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Barry, 14.12.2015

The VL Viima was produced in 3 models. The Viima I was the prototype of which two were built with the first flight on 11th November 1936. The prototypes were followed by 20 aircraft used by the FAF as trainers and two more for the Finnish Air Defensce Guild. In the 1950's they were retrofitted with canopies. Leaving service in the 1960's 14 were sold and used privately in Finland, and two are still flying to this day one in Finland and one in Germany.
Power plant 1 x 150 h.p seven cylinder Siemens Halske Sh 14A radial replaced on two Viima IIb by a De Havilland Gypsy Major
Span 30'2" Length 24'1" Height 8'11" Empty Weight 1,224 lb Gross Weight 1,929 lb
Max Speed 116 mph Cruising Speed 104 mph Range 311 miles Service Ceiling 12,000 ft

gangya, 18.06.2011

is this fly from japan?

, 18.06.2011


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