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Arsenal VG 39

The final development in the VG 30 series of fighters to be flown, the VG 39 commenced its flight test programme on 3 May 1940, and the prototype differed from the VG 33 primarily in having a 1200hp Hispano-Suiza Type 89ter 12-cylinder liquid-cooled engine with an elongated propeller shaft, a revised wing structure which retained the profile and contours of the earlier wing, and a wing-mounted armament of six 7.5mm MAC 1934 M39 machine guns. During flight testing the prototype VG 39 attained a maximum speed of 625km/h at an altitude of 5750m. The planned production model, the VG 39bis, was to have embodied a fuselage similar to that of the VG 36 and to have supplemented the wing armament with a 20mm engine-mounted cannon, the definitive model having a 1600hp Hispano-Suiza 12Z engine.

Arsenal VG 39A three-view drawing (1660 x 1233)

  Wingspan10.80 m35 ft 5 in
  Length8.75 m29 ft 8 in
  Wing area14.00 m2150.69 sq ft
  Max. speed625 km/h388 mph

Laurelix, e-mail, 04.05.2020 18:46

This is the estimated VG performance based on VG.33 performance

VG.30 - HS.12Xcrs
407km /h at SL (100%) - 650hp
458km /h at 4500m (100%)


VG.32 - V-1710-33
462km /h at SL (100%) - 860hp
492km /h at SL (WEP) - 1040hp
555km /h at 4500m (100%)


VG.33 - HS.12Y-31
442km /h at SL (100%) - 760hp
455km /h at SL (WEP) - 830hp
558km /h at 5200m (100%)


VG.34 - HS.12Y-45
464km /h at SL (100%) - 850hp
479km /h at SL (WEP) - 935hp
574km /h at 5500m (100%)


VG.35 - HS.12-51
465km /h at SL (100%) - 885hp
488km /h at SL (WEP) - 1025hp
620km /h at 6000m (100%)


VG.39 - HS.12Z-89ter
482km /h at SL (100%) - 1088hp
492km /h at SL (WEP) - 1160hp
625km /h at 5800m (100%)


VG.39bis - HS.12Z-17
491km /h at Sea Level (Military Power) - 1150hp
511km /h at Sea Level (WEP) - 1300hp
536km /h at Sea Level (Overboost) - 1500hp
674km /h at 7000m (Military Power)
717km /h at 7000m (WEP)
718km /h at 7000m (Overboost)


Engine Power Curves:
- HS.12Xcrs
650hp at Sea Level (Take off)
690hp at 3800m (100%)

- V-1710-33
860hp at Sea Level (100%)
1040hp at Sea Level (WEP)
970hp at 3700m (100%)

- HS.12Y-31
760hp at Sea Level (100%)
830hp at Sea Level (WEP)
860hp at 3150m (100%)

- HS.12Y-45
850hp at Sea Level (100%)
935hp at Sea Level (WEP)
920hp at 4200m (100%)

- HS.12Y-51
885hp at Sea Level (100%)
1025hp at Sea Level (WEP)
1000hp at 3250m (100%)

- HS.12Z-89ter (Early version)
1088hp at Sea Level (100%)
1160hp at Sea Level (WEP)
1200hp at ~5000m (100%)

- HS.12Z-17
1150hp at Sea Level (Military Power)
1300hp at Sea Level (War Emergency Power)
1500hp at Sea Level (Overboost)
1170hp at 6400m (Military Power)
1300hp at 7000m (WEP)
1500hp at 6000m (Overboost)


steven lopez, e-mail, 12.08.2007 22:20

I want to know the combat perfomance of this aircraft. Thanks. Steven Lopez.


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