Bleriot 110
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Bleriot 110

By the beginning of August 1914 over 800 aeroplanes of 40 different types had been produced by the Bleriot works. Shortly after this the factory at Suresnes was built. By the end of the war these were turning out 18 aeroplanes a day. Parallel with the development of the Societe Bleriot, Louis Bleriot helped organise the famous Societe Spad and during the war these two companies were amalgamated. After the Armistice aircraft appeared as both Bleriot and Bleriot-Spad types. The Bleriot 110 first flew on 16 May 1930 and was a high-wing monoplane with enclosed accommodation for two. Also known as the 'Bleriot Zappata', it was one of a number of special aircraft built for record breaking, ordered by the French government. Between 26 February and 1 March 1931 it flew 8,822km in a closed circuit. Other records were subsequently achieved.

Remy, 05.12.2011

On 26 March 1932, the Blériot 110, with pilots Lucien Bossoutrot and Maurice Rossi, set a record that was to stay for 6 years, covering a distance of 10,601 km in 76 hours 34 minutes. The aircraft was named Joseph Le Brix in honour of the a fellow, and rival, aviator. On 5 August 1933, Paul Codos and Maurice Rossi set a new straight-line distance record, flying from New York to Rayak, Syria, a distance of 9,105 km. All further record attempts failed and the aircraft would eventually be scrapped.

Laurence Allen, 04.02.2007

dear sirs,do you have a photo of a bleriot 5190 santos dumont for my intrest in this aircraft, regards L Allen

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