Bleriot-SPAD 81
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Bleriot-SPAD 81

The Bleriot SPAD 81 paradoxically preceded the Types 51 and 61, the first prototype having flown at Buc on 13 March 1923. A single-bay staggered biplane of mixed construction with fabric-covered metal wings and a wooden monocoque fuselage, the Type 81 was powered by a 300hp Hispano-Suiza HS 8Fb watercooled engine and carried an armament of two 7.7mm MAC (Vickers) machine guns. A production batch of 80 was ordered for France's on 28 March 1924. The Types 81-2 and 81-3, built in prototype form only and flown on 20 May and 18 August 1924 respectively, differed primarily in the types of radiator fitted, and a further prototype, the Type 81-4 flown on 11 September 1924, differed in having wings of wooden construction.

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Bleriot-SPAD 81A three-view drawing (1680 x 1190)

 ENGINE1 x 300hp Hispano-Suiza 8Fb
    Take-off weight1265 kg2789 lb
    Empty weight845 kg1863 lb
    Wingspan9.61 m32 ft 6 in
    Length6.40 m21 ft 0 in
    Height2.90 m10 ft 6 in
    Wing area30.00 m2322.92 sq ft
    Max. speed235 km/h146 mph
    Cruise speed205 km/h127 mph
    Ceiling8100 m26600 ft
    Rate of climb357 m/min1150 ft/min
    Range600 km373 miles
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm

Bleriot-SPAD 81

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