Bourgois AT.35
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Bourgois AT.35

There is no text information for this aircraft at the moment.

Robin L Hasting, 28.11.2017

Tony, here are Peanut Scale

Tony French, 29.11.2008

The delightfully formed Bourgeois AT35/40 would make an excellent model, particularly a peanut or 1/20 scale free flighter. I hope to obtain plans or 3 view drawings.

Aero-Fox, 17.03.2008

Actually, I'd say your english is quite good (I'm a native speaker).
Anyway, this is an intriguing aircraft...the fuselage especially looks very aerodynamically sound. However, it could have used some engine coweling...
But, I'm no expert on aerodynamics so I couldn't say.

BOURGOIS, 06.03.2008

This aircraft is the AT40 fitted with a 40HP Salmson engine. The AT35 was fitted with a 35HP Anzani engine. I suppose the AT35 became the AT40 after changing the engine. But I am not sure of this. I am the son of Paul Bourgois who built 3 aircraft like this. Unfortunatelly I was not born at that time, so I have not much information about this time. Please excuse my english as I am french. If you have any information about these aircraft please contact me.
Bernard Bourgois

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