Buscaylet de Monge 7/4
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Buscaylet de Monge 7/4

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Barry, 24.02.2017

This plane was built as a small scale version of a planed larger passenger aircraft the Buscaylet 72, which was never actually developed. It flew for the first time in the summer of 1923 the exact date is not recorded.

Power plant (initially) 2 x 35 hp Anzani three cylinder radials

Crew 1 Passenger 1

Span 35'1" Length 17'6" Height 5'5" Wing area 251 sq ft
Empty weight 882 lb Gross weight 1,433 lb

Max speed 90 mph

Timothy potter, 21.03.2016

This plane was powred by a 150bhp rubber band and armed with 999 nuclear tipped heat seaking missiles, very advanced for it's day

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