Couzinet Arc-en-Ciel
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Couzinet Arc-en-Ciel

The Couzinet 70 Arc-en-Ciel (Rainbow) was a three-engined commercial monoplane designed for the South Atlantic sector of the France-South America route. First flown in 1929, the Arc-en-Ciel was modified in January 1933 and, as the Model 71, began a regular mail run to South America on 28 May 1934. From 24 July that year there was a regular monthly crossing. The Model 70 was derived from an earlier design, the Couzinet 10-01, which was also named Arc-en-Ciel. The Model 70 made a number of record-breaking pioneer flights.

 ENGINE3 x 650hp Hispano-Suiza 12Nb 12-cylinder V-type liquid-cooled engines
    Take-off weight16790 kg37016 lb
    Payload6001323 lb
    Wingspan30.00 m98 ft 5 in
    Length16.15 m53 ft 0 in
    Height3.99 m13 ft 1 in
    Max. speed236 km/h147 mph
    Range6800 km4225 miles

al blickensderfer, 12.02.2013

Are there any of these planes still flying? If so, where in the world? There is one on display at the Air Museum in Le Bourget, France, a Paris suburb. Where else would I be able to see one, except in pictures?

lucas boaventura, 11.03.2011

my amigo nem todos hablam espanish

leonel latin-sandoval, 29.12.2008

un magnifico avion con un diseno jamas igualado que se imprimio para siempre en la memoria latinoamericana junto a los inmortales guillaument,saint ex,mermoz,didier daurat y por supuesto todos los menos nombrados pero,igualmente inmortales ...un gran saaalut mes amis de la gloriese france

Rogerio Reis, 09.07.2007

three paln view ou color profile of this plane are desired

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