Dewoitine D 25
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Dewoitine D 25

The ultimate development of the fighter formula initiated by the Dewoitine D 1 was the D 25 tandem two-seat day and night fighter also suitable for diurnal reconnaissance tasks. Developed in response to the 1925 C2 (two-seat fighter) programme, the D 25 was based on the single-seat D 21 with local reinforcement of the aft fuselage to permit installation of an open turret for a gunner. Powered by a 450hp Lorraine-Dietrich 12Eb water-cooled W-type engine, the D 25 entered flight test in 1926, but the C2 programme for which it was intended was abandoned and the type was offered for export. Four were ordered by Argentina in 1928, and these, fitted with an armament of two 7.9mm synchronised Madsen guns and two similar weapons on a ring mount in the rear cockpit, were built under subcontract by the Hanriot company (which also built the last 10 D 21 single-seaters for Turkey).

    Take-off weight1750 kg3858 lb
    Empty weight1182 kg2606 lb
    Wingspan12.80 m42 ft 0 in
    Length7.64 m25 ft 1 in
    Height3.00 m10 ft 10 in
    Wing area24.80 m2266.94 sq ft
    Max. speed222 km/h138 mph

Cristinel Tascau, 10.03.2008

Do you have photo with rear side of Lorraine Dietrich engine ?
I am interesting by this engine because was used by IAR 14 , one romanian aircraft , and I have only two view of this engine (lateral and frontal). In this moment I intend to modelate this engine (CAD drawings) and I need more detail view with rear side in special.If you have more photo , please send to me on mail adresse:
Best regards, ing. Loreman Tascau.

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