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Dewoitine D 9

Flown in June 1924, the D 9 was derived from the D 1 for participation in the 1923 C1 programme and was powered by a 420hp Gnome-Rhone 9Ab (Jupiter IV) nine-cylinder radial engine. Early in the flight test programme, the standard D 1 wing was supplanted by a new wing of 2.5m2 greater area, and a six-month delay in the commencement of evaluation of the contenders in the 1923 C1 programme provided Dewoitine with the opportunity to increase wing area by yet a further 2.5m2. Armament consisted of two fuselage-mounted 7.7mm Vickers guns and two Darne modele 19 guns of 7.5mm calibre mounted on the wing centre section. The D 9, placed sixth among the contenders, was destroyed on 15 October 1925. Nonetheless, it emulated the export success of the D 1. Licence-built in Italy by Ansaldo as the A.C.3, the D 9 was supplied to Yugoslavia (six) and Belgium (one) in 1925, and the components of three others were delivered in 1927 to the EKW (Eidg. Konstruktions-Werkstatte) in Switzerland for assembly, with delivery to the Fliegertruppe in 1928.

Dewoitine D 9A three-view drawing (640 x 439)

  Take-off weight1333 kg2939 lb
  Empty weight945 kg2083 lb
  Wingspan12.80 m42 ft 0 in
  Length7.30 m24 ft 11 in
  Height2.93 m10 ft 7 in
  Wing area25.00 m2269.10 sq ft
  Max. speed244 km/h152 mph
  Range400 km249 miles

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