Druine (Rollason) D.62 Condor
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Druine (Rollason) D.62 Condor

A later and larger successor to the D.31 Turbulent of 1951, the D.62 Condor was similarly a low-wing, wooden-framed monoplane available as a licence built product or as a home build from plans. The D.62 was, like the D.31, built under licence by Rollason in the UK from 1961. Variants include versions converted for glider towing.

Robert Jackson "The Encyclopedia of Aircraft", 2004

 ENGINE1 x 75hp Continental A 75 piston engine
    Take-off weight669 kg1475 lb
    Wingspan8.72 m29 ft 7 in
    Length6.95 m23 ft 10 in
    Height1.75 m6 ft 9 in
    Cruise speed160 km/h99 mph
    Range627 km390 miles

Ron Clark, 03.04.2016

To Andy Chadwick.
Hello Andy,
I was well acquainted with your Condor back in the 1970s when it was with the Stapleford Flying Club in Essex. My first flight was on the 23/9/70, just after passing my GFT. The last flight was a return trip from an Airshow at Old Warden on 27/5/74. I still have a photograph of it parked with the other visitors. Glad to know it is still going strong.
Best regards,
Ron Clark

George Haye, 06.12.2014

Plans not available as Condors were all factory built. They regularly come up for sale here in UK.

Mike Ferreira, 09.11.2014

Hi There Very nice plane.Like sraight wing and tail config.Are plans available for this plane. Regards

Andy Chadwck, 28.01.2014

I have owned G-AYFC since 2001, the aircraft is modified and has the same agile handling characteristics of the breed. Though it doesn't have the range of a Jodel (condors were designed for the circuit) it will cruise at 90kts and fly for a safe 3hrs. Which makes it a reasonable tourer for those with a normal bladder! FC displays in Europe and the UK.

Dave Harvey, 16.11.2013

Learned to fly in it at Fair oaks airodrome in the UK, 1972. Really a nice airplane for training. Very forgiving - and I needed forgiving! Very stable upright spinner. Brit pilots had to learn to spin and unspin in those days.

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