Farman M.F.11 Shorthorn
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Farman M.F.11 Shorthorn

Designed in 1914, the Farman MR 11 served in considerable numbers, equipping 37 French escadrilles, six squadrons of the RFC on the Western Front and other RFC/RNAS units in Mesopotamia, the Dardanelles and the Aegean. It was the first Farman design to be armed, being employed on bombing and reconnaissance duties. A Farman MF. 11 of the Royal Naval Air Service made the first night bombing raid of World War I, attacking German gun emplacements near Ostend on 21 December 1914. Following their frontline service, the MF. 11 and its predecessor, the MF.7, were widely used for training.

 ENGINE1 x 100hp Renault 8-cylinder air-cooled Vee-type inline engine
    Take-off weight928 kg2046 lb
    Wingspan16.16 m53 ft 0 in
    Length9.45 m31 ft 0 in
    Height3.18 m10 ft 5 in
    Max. speed106 km/h66 mph
    Ceiling3800 m12450 ft
 ARMAMENTone machine gun, 130kg of bombs

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bonjour,serait il possible d avoir les plans pour construire un farmann
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